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       The homemade cuisine menu of "VillaDor" bases on the tradition of the national Carpathian, Hutsul and Moldavian cuisine. "That special something" in the menu are dishes and drinks prepared from ingredients collected in the Carpathian forests and meadows - dishes from Carpathian mushrooms, teas from Carpathian herbs, honey collected in the Carpathian apiaries, fresh juices.

       The dumplings, potato pancakes, borsch or mushroom soup are prepared by our chefs with heart and soul, so it is unlikely for you to find somewhere else a more delicious preparation of some classical dishes served here.

Your will be offered a variety of teas from herbs collected in the Carpathian Mountains. You can feel the peculiarities of this tea drinking it with honey collected in the Carpathian meadows.

        A wonderful mulled wine will be prepared especially for you.

        The general impression of the meal will strengthen the interior with elements of national decor.